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The Worship and Evangelism Ministry concentrates on worshipping God, proclaiming His word , using all positive means to magnify His name and to bring glory, obedience and honor to Him.

The Education Ministry references and focuses those functions and activities designed to enhance members’ knowledge of and relationship to God, Christ, the church, the community and others through instructions, training and spiritual development.

The In-Reach Ministry is designed to strengthen the believer, strengthen his/her faith and participation in the life of the body, to recover those believers who are no longer faithful, to encourage attendance at all services and activities, and to reconcile all to God and humanity.  The focus is to strengthen the membership from “within.”

The ministry of Church and Family Life focuses on those programs and activities designed to promote the family and its members.  For the purpose of this ministry, the family may be constituted of one or more members.

The Youth Ministry focuses on creating, sponsoring, conducting and coordinating programs and activities that enhance and support the spiritual, educational, social and personal development of our youth.

The Outreach Ministry focuses on services, activities and programs to support the community beyond the church. 

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